Wednesday, February 11, 2009

11th February 2009

Picture of The Day

Today's Strange News

1. Some really smart kid in Germany though it'd be a great idea to take 45 Tequila shots after challenged by the bartender. Sadly, he fell into a coma and died 4 weeks later. Now the bartender is being prosecuted for the kid's death.

2. DC comics' latest hero is Batwoman - a lesbian socialite by night and a crime fighter by later that night.

3. If you've lost anything recently there's no reason to lose hope. This guy had his wallet returned to him after 55 years!

4. Michael Phelps fails at life. At the same party where he was photographed smoking pot, he also lost 2 grand in a game of beer bong. Fail.
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5. Some fugly people decided to go hiking naked in Switzerland and were so gross they were fined.

Picture of The Day:
Today's picture is of Taiwan's ex-first lady - Wu Shu-jen - making her court appearance. After not appearing in court 17 times in two years, she decided yesterday would be a good time to start. She arrived, waved, smiled, laughed and then... pleaded guilty to the charges against her. Fail.

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