Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day Special

Valentine's Picture of The Day
Valentine's In The News

1. A small island in the Adriatic sea has taken the love world by storm. Yes, it is shaped like a heart. Major Vom.

2. For all of you who hate Valentine's Day and will be in a bad mood on Saturday this is for you. Anti-Valentine art. Indulge, Emos!

3. ABC News shuts down your Valentine gifts and ideas. This tells you exactly what NOT to buy for this Saturday. If you disregard this article and decide to take your date to a fast food restaurant, at least be sure to upsize the meal. 

4. Songs for the dumped. Sing along to your new playlist and feel better this weekend.

5. "I'm alright, I'm just fine, and you're a tool." So What - Pink, lyrics. Highlarious. 

Valentines Picture of The Day:
The insanely cute penguin is Roxy - the most adopted animal at the London Zoo. Roxy has yet to find a mate and will be lonely another year this Valentine's Day. Sounds like you and Roxy have a lot in common. Ohhhh. Burn. 

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